Welcome to Comforting Tails(New Version April 16)

I am sorry you had to say good-bye to your furry friend. I have said good-bye to furry friends many times, so I know how sad it feels. It doesn't matter how or why our friends leave, we still feel sad that they are not in our life now.

I would like to help you feel less sad about your furry friend leaving, so I have created a special story for you. If you tell us your beloved pet's name, and choose a color for their eyes and a special new coat to wear, we will create a very special story with your beloved pet as the star character.

I hope that your special new eBook will help your heart feel better. Take as much time as you need to heal and know that how you're feeling now is okay as it will pass soon and hopefully your new special eBook will do just that.

Our furry friends love us and will always remember us, just as we will always remember them. I know you will feel better to hear about your pet having fun in heaven, playing with new friends, and watching you and waiting for the chance to say hello once again.

Your eBook will have animations of your pet, his/her friends, and the trials and tribulations of going to school and getting its wings to become an Angel.

Whether your pet has been your best friend for a very long time or just a brief moment, your eBook will bring a little joy and happiness into your life at this time as you see your best friend created in a way that you know they are okay.