Welcome to the Comforting Tails FAQ section. We strive to answer your questions, and you just might find the answer you need in the section below. If you do not find what you need here, please feel free to Contact Us. (link to page)
What is a flip ebook?
An ebook is an electronic book. That means the book is not made of paper, but can be read on a computer or a device like a Kindle.
When you are using a standard e-reader, the screen simply changes when you go to the next 'page', like when you click 'next' on a website.
A flip book is designed to look like the pages of a book, and is animated to look like those pages are 'flipping' when you go to the next page.
As far as we are aware, the Comforting Tails flip ebook is the first of its kind!

Is this book related to any particular religion or religious organization?
No. While we do understand that the concept and topic of 'heaven' is usually a religious one, we have used the term 'heaven' for the purposes of the concept of a kind, gentle, loving place.

I would like to create a Comforting Tails ebook for my child; are there any special computer requirements?
You will need to use either an Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox (FF) browser, have Flash Player installed and have Java Script enabled.
Unless you have purposely disabled Java Script, it will be activated by default. If you have deactivated it, you will need to activate it for the duration of your time on Comforting Tails and to use your ebook.

Will this ebook help my child over come the passing of our pet if they have taken it very hard and they are very depressed about it?
Our Comforting Tails ebook is meant to be a comfort and help put the child at ease with this change in their life. It is not a replacement for qualified psychological support. If your child is having a very hard time coping with the loss and has not begun to make a transition toward acceptance within a week or two, it may be a good idea to let them talk to a qualified child counselor.