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Reviews from PETA and Austin Humane Society

Angel Kitty Guides Zip to Heaven and Angel Dog Guides Dooley to Heaven provide a great opportunity for families to help their young children cope with the loss of an animal companion. They help to ease sorrow by giving young listeners/viewers a clear picture of the peace and happiness that their dog or cat has found. The ability to personalize the story with the animal's name assists children too. The animated graphics, colorful artwork and inspiring story will hold the attention of any youngster. We would recommend these books as a tool for any family with children facing the loss of an animal companion.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Angel Kitty Guides Zip to Heaven and Angel Dog Guides Dooley to Heaven are inspirational stories for children who may be learning how to deal with the loss of a family pet. After reading about cat and dog heaven, children will learn that their pet is now in a safe and loving place. Children can actually place the name of their pet into the story, which makes it more personal to the child. These stories are great for families to read with their children to help them ease the pain that comes along with the loss of a beloved pet.

Austin Humane Society